Modest improvements are not our forte. Oh no. We like to make a big, tangible difference with our PPC expertise…the sort you can see in your end-of-year accounts.

That’s why we meticulously plan all of our client’s digital marketing campaigns and analyse data frequently to help smash business-level goals.

Unlike some agencies, we don’t simply switch it on and let it run. Another thing we definitely won’t do is steal (cannibalise) revenue from other channels (such as organic search) and pretend it’s working. We like to deliver incremental results and to keep improving them.

Your Paid Media is About to Get a Serious Lift

Paid Media Across a Variety of Platforms

When determining the most effective strategy to raise awareness, generate leads, or increase sales for our clients, we frequently execute digital marketing campaigns that incorporate a mix of methods. This not only fulfills our clients' business goals but also optimises performance through data sharing across various platforms. By leveraging different platforms for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, we can effectively target individuals at various stages of the sales funnel

Our Approach to Defining a Paid Media Strategy

Each set of business goals, client brief, and industry is unique, and we believe it’s important to reflect the unique situation each client finds itself to produce a cohesive strategy. This is our secret to delivering exceptional results.

For example, a client may approach and say that they want more sales of Product B specifically without cannibalising sales of Product A. Meanwhile, they want to grow YoY profits by 25% using the incremental sales from Product B, and we may discover when researching the industry that there has been a recent shift towards a preference for a specific product feature.

We would tailor a strategy that promotes the right product to the right people at the right time, using wording that engages them.

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