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Paid Search or Pay-Per-Click marketing is, for the uninitiated, a potential minefield. However, we have spent a lot of time (count it in decades) honing our paid media chops. 

We work across all B2B and B2C paid channels notably Google and the paid-for social ad channels like Facebook and LinkedIn. There is no real secret about why we can claim we’re rather good at it either - we spend a lot of time talking to the platforms and practising our craft. 

The secret to a successful paid campaign? Test, learn and refine. All agencies do this. Why are we different? A transparent pricing model (you pay for our time, not spend) and, quite simply, the results we generate.

We are also particularly interested in the intersection of paid vs. earned. To use a simple example, if your paid media presence is cannibalising your organic - we should probably turn that on its head. This is why we don’t like to limit our service offering. You may need less paid advertising and more organic or both. We’ll only know how we can help you when you get in touch. 

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