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International Electronics Retailer

Background and Challenges

We don't just work with clients directly we partner with other agencies too and offer our services on a 'white-label' basis. This one was with our friends who are a full service marketing agency who already had a relationship with the client. The client, a household name, in this country and throughout Europe sell electronics goods of all types on-line and in store. They had an incumbent digital agency but weren't that impressed. We were tasked with making their PPC and organic traffic bigger and better. After all - we pride ourselves on helping businesses make more money online...

The Strategy

Full PPC and SEO site audit. What's working now? What could be improved. The client, has a lot of retail stores - were they optimising for 'near me' terms? We were very keen in measuring the efficacy of our efforts in terms of digital vs. physical. The website, you see, was transactional but also each store wants to sell products in their physical shops too. We developed a strategy that not only would improve web traffic but also enquiries and store visits too.


Here are the results from PPC:

  • In 2021, we drove a 97% increase in online revenue via paid media ads compared to 2020 (spend is not small, we are talking 6 digits).
  • Over the same period, return on ad spend increased from 9.81 to 13.8, despite media spend increasing 40%.
  • Results were felt instantly, year in year monthly revenue grew by £1k in the first full month, and by £49k in the second full month.
  • We have greatly improved the clients access to data and reports, such as supplying data related to physical store visits from users who searched online with local intent.
  • Comprehensive, seasonal campaign support to supplement TV, radio and out of home activity.
  • Recommendations made to help the client deliver overall business growth rather than just online.

They say a picture says a thousand words, here's what happened to their organic traffic (according to AHREFS):

Needless to say, the contract re-negotiations were not difficult...In fact, our approach has worked so well that the client is now over-hauling their digital strategy to create a local market place.

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