Insurance SEO Case Study

Background and Challenges

Evans and Lewis area small insurance broker in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffordshire. We have been providing them with SEO services for around 18 months. As you can imagine, insurance is a hugely competitive market place with Google Ad-words charging upwards of £50 per click in this industry.  Please note these examples are taken from UK search engines.


Here is a breakdown of key search terms for this particular client (‘MS’ is ‘Monthly Searches’): Rankings can fluctuate on a daily basis so we monitor campaign performance constantly to make sure top spots are kept.

insurance seo rankings

As you can see we are top of the natural listings in Google for the most important terms as defined by the client and researched by us.

This is only a small sample, too. They rank in the top 3 for hundreds of keywords and SEMRush estimates that it would cost over £20,000 per month to get the same amount of traffic via Google AdWords.

Below is a screen shot taken of where the client’s site features second most popular terms for Evans and Lewis:

insurance seo google rankings screenshot

Below is a screen shot of the same term on page two of

insurance seo google page 2 screenshot

Huge companies like Liverpool Victoria feature on page two at ten places lower than our client.

Some of the terms we’ve targeted for Evans and Lewis are:

  • ‘Traders Insurance’
  • ‘Cheap Motor trade insurance’
  • ‘Motor trade insurance under 23’
  • ‘Motor trade insurance under 25’
  • ‘Motor trade insurance’
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