How we increased transactions for a fashion eCommerce company by over 100%

Background and Challenges

The client’s previous strategy had been predicated on constant discounting and selling clothes at an inflated price and then 'exclusive sales'.

Their previous marketing efforts had been based on Facebook marketing and, unfortunately, they were badly advised into buying ‘likes’ – this led to a huge audience who were un-engaged.

The Solution; Back to Square One

We encouraged the client to set an RRP. They had two distribution channels – wholesale – through shops (including shops that sold on-line) and direct to consumer. Parity in pricing would deliver consistency for consumers and distributors.

SEO: The client had never optimised their on or off-site content for search engines. We spent a considerable amount of time optimising the content on-site to ensure maximum visibility. In parallel a significant amount of time was spent creating high quality content to drive qualified traffic to the site.

Google Ads: Optimised Google Shopping feeds, ‘per-product’ Ads to ensure Page 1 domination across SERP’s.

Strategy: Consumer profiling, user journey mapping and Multi Funnel Channel analysis to ensure owned, earned and paid channels were performing optimally regardless of seasonality.

Email Marketing: Harnessing the power of previous product purchases and bespoke offers to hugely increase revenue through this key revenue-generating channel.

The Results

Over the key winter season (November ‘17 > January ‘18) compared to the previous year 2016/17:

  • Revenue increased over all by 92%
  • Transactions increased by 119%
  • The eCommerce conversion rate increased by 106.27%
  • Revenue from email marketing increased by 594%
  • Revenue from Paid Search increased by 558.27%
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