Clasiq Car Marketplace SEO Case Study

Background and Challenges

Clasiq launched as a classic car community on Facebook in 2016. The story of how it grew so big is a bonafide case study in how to grow a social media community, but we can’t lay claim to that.

Our challenge, in a nutshell, was to see how we could move a community from facebook to a web entity in its own right. Clasiq is a classic car market place, community hub, media company and eCommerce shop for car parts but outside of Facebook, it was unknown.

How could we get organic traffic to the site quickly, make it viral and make it sticky?

The Solution

Our approach to this challenge wasn’t mind-blowing. Good SEO shouldn’t be the dark arts, it’s about content and links and the beautiful (yeah we know but we love what we do) symbiosis between both.

Firstly we started with the Facebook community. The Clasiq Facebook page is one of the most engaged on the platform (people love looking at and talking about classic cars). So we used Facebook to create content for the website. This took the form of surveys like this:

clasiq survey content

We created content that we knew would engage the Facebook and web audience, like this fun game:

clasiq game content

And, we then used that content to build links. But, at first, it wasn’t easy. Clasiq were pretty much unknown outside of the classic car niche. Then we came across Al Capone’s Cadillac listed for sale. We listed it on Clasiq, reached out to influencers and through lots of hard work built links like this:

yahoo news backlink

Other content we build was based on ‘topic clusters’ the cluster we identified as the most interesting, from a rankings perspective, was “classic car valuation”. So, we created a series of guides around this topic. This has had a notable increased in rankings for ‘money’ keywords, but also, crucially, traffic.

The Results

We started the link building campaign in March. The traffic has grown exponentially, and each month consistently sees a 50% increase in the previous month’s numbers.

clasiq traffic


Searchup are extremely systematic in breaking down the process and crafting relevant content that our audience and Google both love.
Results are what counts and they have delivered consistent improvements in our organic traffic month on month.

David Zysblat

CEO, Clasiq

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