Mobile Moments – Are You Optimising Your Website for Mobile Conversions?

A user’s mobile behaviour can be made up of four distinct ‘mobile moments’:

  • I want to moments
  • I want to go to moments
  • I want to do moments
  • I want to buy moments

These micro-moments, well documented by Google are key to understanding how the behaviour of a user on a mobile device differs from that of a person rooted to their desktop machine. Is your website geared for these mobile micro-moments?

I want to moment:

How many people watch TV with their mobile device? According to a 2015 survey it’s 87%. Optimising for ‘second screening’ should be a key consideration for brands. The synergies are obvious, if a user is watching TV and want to know more they will reach for their mobile device. Outside of the TV analogy, a user may want to visit your business – are you visible on Google Maps?

I want to go moments:

This is where mobile visibility on Google is essential. With 82% of people using their phone to find a location, making sure your map pack uses your correct address is essential. In tandem with the “I want to” moment your website is the shop window to the mobile consumer and first impressions count.

I want to do moments:

As well as the map and first impressions the ‘I want to do’ moment should really convey to the mobile user the experience the consumer will enjoy should they choose your brand or business. If you’re a hotel, say, – sell the experience and make sure the experience your customers will receive is optimised for small screens as well as large.

I want to buy moments:

More and more people are using their phone, not only to browse products they like the look of they will also be using their mobile device to transact. Indeed, with the rise of subscription services like Amazon Prime the mobile experience has become embedded into the consumer buying cycle. Your eCommerce experience should be seamless, cross device and, where possible, even more optimised for mobile to make the experience truly frictionless.

Mobile offers the opportunity to influence purchasing behaviour across the consumer buying cycle from the Zero Moment of Truth (I want to) to the Ultimate Moment of Truth (buying or receiving a product). With more people using mobile devices to access websites now than fixed terminals your website’s design should truly be mobile first. So, if you have commissioned a new website and the web designers show you how it looks on a computer screen, they should probably think again and think more mobile.

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