Why Combining AgI (Agency Intelligence) with ArI (Artificial Intelligence) Is The Way Forward in Digital Marketing

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Looking back over 20 years, there is one thing from my I.C.T. (Information Communication Technology) classes of High School that is still relevant today. It is the phrase Garbage In Garbage Out (GIGO). Essentially, in order to get good quality out of a system, you need to put good quality information, data or requests into it in the first place. Moreover, what you are asking needs to be relevant, and you also need to carry out thorough quality control. We may not be talking about Microsoft Excel or Access here. However this logic is even more pertinent for digital marketers in a world of artificial intelligence with regards to paid media and SEO, as it was back when I was for those applications when I was aged 14.

At its core, AI is a set of computer programs and algorithms designed to mimic human intelligence. By analysing large data sets, ArI can detect correlations and patterns that would be difficult or impossible for human brains to quickly identify. This allows marketers to get an edge on their competition by accurately measuring performance metrics like click-through rates and conversion costs.

When it comes to paid search and SEO, ArI can help marketers make sure that their campaigns are optimised for success. By leveraging machine learning algorithms to analyse data sources like web analytics, ArI can determine the best words and phrases to target in a campaign. This helps marketers get the most out of their budget by ensuring ads reach the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

However, it’s important to remember that ArI is a complement to agency (human) knowledge - not a replacement for it. While ArI can help marketers uncover trends and patterns they may have never seen before, it takes an experienced digital marketing agency to turn those insights into effective strategies. Through combining ArI-driven insights combined with AgI, marketers can create high-performing campaigns tailored to their specific goals. It’s important to remember that digital marketing experts can much better listen to, understand and translate into actions the unique goals, objectives, challenges and complicated caveats facing their clients. 

At the end of the day, ArI is a great tool to leverage, and the stand-out digital marketing agencies in years to come will embrace the benefits of it, using it to add significant value to their work. Top agency staff will be operators with an extensive background knowledge of paid media and SEO, who understand how to manipulate ArI to maximise benefits.

GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out) applies - if you get bad data as input, your analysis and results won’t be as accurate or meaningful. Equally, we may consider the positive polar opposite, Quality In Quality Out (QIQO). As such, it’s important to have paid media operators that use reliable and up-to-date sources when running ArI analysis. Doing so will help marketers make sure their results are as accurate and actionable as possible.

To wrap up - by leveraging ArI technology alongside experienced agency knowledge, digital marketers can create well-informed strategies that maximise success in the ever-changing world of digital marketing. With the right combination of ArI-driven insights and human expertise, marketers can optimise their campaigns for the best possible results.

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Written by Chris Barcroft (Paid Media Director) with input from Jasper (Artificial Intelligence)

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