Translation Service SEO Case Study

Due to the sensitive nature of our SEO campaigns and to minimise any risk that our clients may be attacked with negative SEO, we are unable to include the name of our client. We are able to provide names and references on request.


A well-known translation company came to SearchUp to increase organic traffic to their website and convert this traffic into customers.

They had dealt with other larger, more expensive SEO companies and had seen no improvements in their web presence and were getting no return on their investment.


The first step with the website was to do a full Technical SEO Site Audit of the website to find any issues that there were and to also get a detailed overview of the website’s current state.

The second step was to then optimise the website for the keywords that would be beneficial for them to rank for, which were found from doing extensive keyword research.

With an optimised site now in place, link building was next on the menu! This is with a view to gain only quality links with maximum authority.


The translation company began working with SearchUp at the beginning of 2015 in January. Below is a list of stats dating back from August 2014, which shows what amazing results we have been able to achieve in just 3 months, from the beginning of 2015. It's also important to note that the early traffic from August 2014 to December 2014 was also mainly branded traffic. The results show that organic search has more than tripled, and sales from organic search have quadrupled. This is an increase of around £40,000 extra revenue per month from organic search alone in just three months! As you can see, these results are nothing short of amazing!

Month Organic Searches Conversion to Sale Percentage Total Sales from Organic Search
August 2014 753 21.91% 164.9823
September 2014 764 19.63 149.9732
October 2014 866 20.09% 173.9794
November 2014 784 20.92% 164.0128
December 2014 772 13.73% 105.9956
January 2015 2592 18.79% 487.0368
February 2015 2454 16.67% 409.0818
March 2015 2654 16.05% 425.967

translation service seo case study