Local SEO Services

Google give local businesses a great opportunity to market themselves online. However, If your business isn't visible you are missing out on a lot of opportunities to get more customers and maximise the revenue potential from your website. Our Local SEO service aims to help your business become more visible in both the organic listings and map listings in your area. Ranking higher in the map listings is also key for mobile browsing; and it is no secret that mobile browsing is on the rise.

local seo stoke on trent

Why is Local SEO Important?

It's crucial for local businesses to show up in Googles map-pack because you want people to be able to find you and your contact details. You may also be in a situation where people already know your business name, but do not know your address or phone number. If your website and listings are set up correctly people will easily be able to find this information.

More importantly, Local SEO enables you to get new customers. Some people will not already know about your business and will be searching for the services you have to offer, such as "plumber stoke on trent". If you are a plumber in Stoke-on-Trent, showing up in the map listings and organic search results when people search "plumber stoke on trent" will generate you a lot more business.

If you would like any more information about our Local SEO service, please contact us using the contact form, phone number or by emailing info@searchup.co.uk