We work with a number of eCommerce companies and, whilst their products are different, they share a key commonality — the goods they sell are physical and they have a relatively high value. This poses a number of nuances when it comes to how a user behaves on a website and the funnels the user needs to be taken down. What is intrinsic to the user journies for high ticket items in eCommerce is the user will need to know lots about the product before they part with a large amount of cash. We have found the average number of web visits is five for a product which costs £1,000 and the user may ask a question via the client’s chat-bot prior to the sale.

The best we have found

During the process of researching on-site content strategy, for one client, in particular, we happened upon this site and were blown away by how well executed it was. What we really like about this site was that straight away the company want to use their website as a genuine extension of their knowledge of the products they sell. Slap bang in the middle of the menu items you will see a section called ‘Understanding Beds’.

This section goes into incredible amounts of very helpful detail around all facets of the products John Ryan By Design sell. We particularly liked the way they pointed out that a person’s weight will dictate the firmness of the mattress they should buy. From a layman’s perspective one might assume that the big brands would be the best, this website totally debunks this assumption and provides the science behind it. The copy in this section on the website isn’t overly ‘salesy’ and they point to specific products to illustrate the points they are making. Helpfully, in the product descriptions of individual mattresses, they also point out how it will feel based on your weight.

If we ran an eCommerce store

We have to admit we were inspired by how John Ryan By Design used their excellent product descriptions and other site copy to not only improve SEO and improve their customer’s UX. We have adopted the same approach on behalf of other clients and the results have been compelling. If we ran an eCommerce store, this is how we would do it. So, we think the lesson is for high ticket eCommerce is to sell less and educate more. The web gives companies the opportunity to sell their products whilst they sleep but it also gives the company the opportunity to be a ‘virtual trusted expert’. If your company believes in excellent customer service, turning your website into a knowledge bank is a great place to start.