BREXIT is a sideshow. The real challenge we, and our children, will face in the future is how to cope with a changing climate. Despite what many prominent deniers (ala Trump) say our climate is changing and the consequences for the world will be profound.

Given the state of the fossil fuel lobby and the powerful voices who want to keep the destructive status quo, it’s hard to know what you can do as an individual to effect change.

One of my best friends lives 150 miles away and his eight year old girl (Edie) is like the daughter I never had. She is also a passionate advocate for combating climate change. She, like many people has been inspired by Greta Thunberg and has been participating in the school strikes and she is keen to amplify her message.

This is where, we hope, our skills as digital marketers can come in. We are creating a website for Edie. We asked some friends of ours This Creative, in Manchester, to design a logo for her. We’re going to use a WordPress theme called Divi to create the framework for the website and Edie will populate the content. We will then turn her site into a ‘proper’ project and see how much organic traffic we can create for her.

As Edie is only eight, her Mum and Dad will be policing any messages she receives from the web. The strategy for the site, at the moment, is somewhat of a moveable feast but can probably distilled into this mission statement:

“Kids Against Climate Change (KACC) seeks to be a voice to raise the profile of the problems we shall face about changing world climate in the short and medium term. KACC will give actionable insight and advice as to how people can make a difference.”

We’re excited about this. The website is currently a work in progress and we hope it will make a difference.

Craig and Terry – SearchUp.