Donald Trump’s recent Twitter tirade about what he saw when he Googled himself, though quite bizarre, does raise some interesting points for those of us who provide digital marketing services. In fact, it’s almost a case study in SEO.

Relevant Content

You see, despite what ‘The Donald’ would like to believe, there is no conspiracy. Google has simply used some of its many ranking factors to make serve up the most appropriate content for the user. In Trump’s case, he would have been served up content based on recency (he Googled ‘Trump news’) as well as the authority of those sites. Authority is often based on a myriad of different factors and, in the context of news, this would come down to credibility as well as popularity. Unfortunately for Trump, Fox News et al. just don’t appear to be that credible in terms of Google’s algorithm for ‘Trump news’.

SEO, not just about links

We have spent the last 4-6 weeks on-boarding a new client in the eCommerce space. Their site was built well and they have a niche product. Just by tweaking their on-site we managed to push their site up from being buried deep on page 2 for their key term to ranking 6th in national search on page 1. We haven’t built a link yet so we’re pretty confident of homepage dominance relatively soon. So, what has this got to do with Trump? The site in question has authority. They are a credible business, who invest in their product but also their product photography (essential for any eCommerce operation). Google has simply pushed the site up their rankings because, in the eyes of their algorithm, we have made the site more visible. Traffic and sales have, predictably, increased. We’ll put a full case study together on this project very soon (hopefully a bit like this one). In the meantime and, if like Trump, you get bored and start Googling your own name and you don’t like the results, don’t blame big tech or fake news, it’s about the relevance of the referrer.