You might be bored / worried / sick of the ‘B’ word…yes BREXIT, but we happened upon something on Twitter the other day which made us sit up and take notice. Not because we wanted to rant at a politician but because the narrative of the thread we were reading was very interesting, from an industry perspective.

We have talked about Cambridge Analytica before and we all know that the Vote Leave campaign was a bit err, dodgy, the EU taking our kettles anyone? But the thing that piqued our interest was the wider strategy for the Vote Leave campaign.

The link to the full Twitter threa that piqued our interest is here. It was written by a guy called Dr. Rob Palmer who is, clearly, pro remain so we have to caveat his impartiality but the parallels of the on-boarding process for susceptible leave voters and a well executed content marketing strategy are striking.

It’s a long thread, so I’ll paraphrase the strategy for you here.

  • Vote Leave voters were identified via social media channels, people who liked or interacted with Vote Leave material.
  • These leave sympathisers were then encouraged to the Vote Leave website and encouraged to leave their email address.
  • Look-alike audiences were then identified, from these email addresses.
  • This second group, called ‘persuadable’s’ were slowly fed euro-sceptic content.
  • Vote Leave, started to then ‘on board’ these persuadable people to visit their website and leave their email address…you can see where this is going right?
  • Vote Leave experimented with different ads on ‘core’ leavers, persuadable’s and the new data from new persuadable’s.
  • Four weeks before polling day Vote Leave launched a competition. In order to enter people needed to leave their mobile number and email address. Over 120,000 people entered — all were sent a reminder on polling day…
  • Vote Leave also launched a ‘gamified’ app and people who played the app were encouraged to remind their friends to vote on polling day, 70,000 messages were sent via the app, Peer-2-Peer.

Clever hey? This strategy is straight out of a clever content marketing play book.